Another Zero Time Post: I’m a Hyper-Learner, Do You Want to Be One Too? Do these 11 Things

Keith Hayden
3 min readSep 7, 2022


I don’t talk about it much, but I learn things fast. Very fast.

I’ve taught myself Spanish from zero to fluency in about 2 years (it was good enough to get me work as a freelance medical interpreter years ago).

The basics of coding I learned in 4 or 5 months (also from scratch and with a mindset that I was not a “tech person”)

Last March, I began to learn music theory for the first time. A year and a half later (today), I play piano (never took lessons as a kid) and have composed over 30 songs (check my Soundcloud)

Currently I’m teaching myself Italian and Slovenian for an upcoming trip. I’ve already spoken some with some effectiveness with native speakers of both languages (Just started learning last month)

How am I able to learn all of these things so fast?

Do these 10 things with consistency and you can become a hyper-learner as well.

How to be a hyper-learner

1. Don’t watch a lot of TV or pointless online videos.

Leaves more time for learning.

2. Be ruthlessly strict about your time on social media

Still struggle with this, but I limit my time reading content that expands my awareness and knowledge

3. Read more books and quality long form content (in general)

You’re probably not reading enough in general. The more you read the more you know

4. Seek out high quality content for what you want to learn (constant process)

Whatever you want to learn about (I don’t care if it’s super niche like how to master audio, or super common like copywriting) there is someone out there online who’s already a fucking beast at it.

You’re job is to find them and do what they say. (Not very easy)

5. Get comfortable with looking weak/stupid/like a failure

I could say a lot more about this, but this is what holds a lot of people back from learning new things quickly.

Want to be a hyper-learner to stay competitive and relevant in today’s speed of light changing world?

Check your ego at the door and get over it!

6. Get support from wherever you can find it

My wife fills this role for me. Who’s got your back so you can go into your cave and bang out reps of what you want to learn?

Support comes in many forms (financial, physical, spiritual, mental). Having someone to help you with all of these makes it easier to learn faster.

7. Make better iterations every time

Improve at least one aspect of your game every time you set aside time to do your thing. The small things will add up after awhile.

8. Whatever you’re learning do it more!

(Do it 100, 1000 times and document your reps privately or publicly)

9. Get more feedback from people in a position to help you improve

Not just friends and family, they can’t help you much (unless they are familiar with what you want to learn)

10. Believe you can learn and do it

Probably one of the most important ones. Have confidence you can improve and you WILL get better, no matter how many times you fail.

11. Make space for thinking and reflection

With lightning fast internet enabled computers in our pockets, it’s easy for your mind to always be going, never resting and reflecting.

As a hyper-learner I can’t allow that. You shouldn’t either.

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