My Post Ship30 Cohort Plans. What are yours?

Keith Hayden
1 min readSep 10, 2022


My Ship30 cohort is coming to an end.

But that doesn’t mean my writing will.

Here are my rough plans for my post cohort life.

Finish my Sci-Fi audiodrama podcast (Dec 2022/Spring 2023)

I began adapting my sci-fi novel Cereus & Limnic into an audiodrama 2 years ago.

Now I’m over half way to the finish line and my skills are improving daily.

No reason not to continue.

Translate my novel into Japanese (Begin Spring 2023)

My novel has the potential to appeal to Japanese audiences so I plan to translate it myself and release it in parts on a Japanese social platform.

Begin my first interactive fiction experiment with a continuation of Cereus & Limnic with Project E.F.O (Begin by Summer 2023)

I’ve had plans to continue the story of Cereus & Limnic in a very unique way.

All of the details aren’t nailed in yet, but they will involve input and contributions from you and other readers and fans who want to be involved.

I’ll probably make a landing page for it in the near future.

If you like any of the following:

  • science fiction
  • Japanese culture
  • American culture (specifically military culture)
  • Chinese culture
  • spy movies
  • action/adventure movies.

You’ll want to stay in touch here on Twitter or via my email list (you can join on my website).

What are your post cohort plans?