What the news isn’t telling you about the war

Hey there,

If you’ve been relying on mainstream news outlets for information on the war, you’re not getting the full story.

This week, I’ve found two valuable Twitter lists from highly reputable sources that are regularly updated with the latest intel from sources on and off the battlefield.

If you’ve been looking for a way to keep up with this rapidly evolving situation, these will be invaluable for you.

And to those of you who feel like this war has nothing to do with you, think again.

While it is unclear how this will all play out one thing is certain:

The world will look different after it’s done.

Staying informed, even mildly about what’s going on will help you prepare for the economic, cultural, and societal changes that are soon to impact us all.

So stay vigilant and in the know.

With that said, be sure to take breaks from your information source(s) of choice during these times.

Much like during the pandemic, endlessly ‘doomscrolling’ and refreshing has diminishing returns after awhile. You need time to digest the information that you’ve absorbed.

I have days where I keep my social engagement to a minimum to rebalance myself. You can and should do the same once in awhile.

New this week

In addition to the war information mentioned above, below are more topics that have been added to this month’s doc.

  • Commentary on the US State of the Union Address
  • Real time progress of my work writing a military biography
  • A valuable agency for those interested in learning web development

Speaking of web development, I’m coming up on the end of my #100DaysofCode challenge very soon.

The challenge has expanded my mind and capabilities with a skill that will only become more valuable as technology continues to become a greater component of our day to day lives.

Given enough interest, I might launch an email course to help those who are interested in learning web development or are interested in transitioning into tech.

If you’re interested, hit the link under the “Learn tech” subheading in the doc.

You’ll join the interest list and be one of the first to get access when/if the course goes live.

All resources can be found below.

The 2% Society — March 2022 — Google Docs


Enjoy this month’s curated resources.

My writing

https://keithhayden.net/true-state-of-our-union/ Commentary following the State of the Union address. (4 Mar 22)

My audio

https://vurbl.com/listen/how-to-write-a-biography-by-keith-hayden-1XAQ6kDVJzG/ How to write a biography (4 Mar 22) htt…

Tip of the Week

Ran across this tweet the other day and the advice is gold.

My main YouTube account is a mess. It’s full of yoga videos, comedy stuff my wife likes, and other random bullshit.

Having a dedicated account for channels that are educational, thought-provoking and interesting is a smart move.

Try it yourself!

You can access the full list on his blog below.

Smart YouTubeblakeir.com
A couple of my favorite YouTube accounts. I highly recommend using a separate YouTube account for ‘smart’ YouTube.

That’s all for this issue. Don’t forget to share this newsletter with more growth minded people :)

Keep learning and growing.




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